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I have been studying with Sarah Gasse for just three years now, and even in that short time, I have seen what an empathetic, humorous, and inspiring teacher she is. She has sculpted her teacher style to fit my personality and needs, which has made my learning experience all the more rewarding. I have also had the opportunity to do a string quartet with Daniel Gasse, which has been an amazing experience too. If you are reading this, Daniel and Sarah, I want to say thank you for for everything you’ve done for me.

Calum MacAdam (student)

Our son has been taking violin lessons at the Gasse School of Music since 2005, (ten year!) The music school has a wonderful, sincere, genuine gift of bringing music into peoples’ lives for whatever the purpose—pleasure or professional. A lifelong love and respect for music has been the result for our son given by the instruction of Sarah and Dr. Gasse. Both instructors have provided lessons, group classes, and chamber lessons for our family that are not intimidating, but filled with high standards, while keeping the learning process enjoyable and pleasurable. In addition to that, they have provided many opportunities for our son to perform in public-adding to his confidence level. With all the choices out there for our child’s music instruction we have had ZERO desire to explore options—we know we are at the “BEST.” Thank you for going well above and beyond average expectations!!!

Mark & Brittney Militello (parents)

My Daughter has been taking Cello lessons with Dr. Daniel Gasse for several years. He is a very patient teacher who really and truly cares about his students. My daughter loves him and looks forward to her lessons every week! The world would be a much better place with more people like Dr. Gasse!!!!!

Mark Orenstein (parent)

Our four children have taken lessons from the Gasse School of Music for 7 years. The teachers’ professional, but approachable, style has been a great fit for our family. Dr. Daniel Gasse and Sarah Gasse motivate our children to want to play better. They also encouraged our children to play chamber music at an early age and this has greatly enhanced their playing skills. We have never had our children say they wanted to stop playing their instrument and we credit the supportive learning environment of the Gasse School. We are happy to have found the Gasse School to help foster our children’s musical talents.

-Melanie Nowacki (parent)

My 16 year old daughter began her viola studies with Sarah Gasse at the age of 9. Sarah’s love and enthusiasm for music has greatly inspired my daughter. She currently plays in the Chicago Youth Concert Orchestra. Sarah has great patience, flexibility in scheduling and genuine love for her students. Sarah has often invited my daughter over during winter and summer break to help her when she was nervous about upcoming auditions! My son, 14, also studies with Sarah. He began playing the violin at age 9 as well. He is very quiet and shy. Sarah sensed this, and through her gentleness and humor, he has thrived and plays beautifully. The Gasse Recitals have helped them to become comfortable playing in front of an audience and playing along with an accompanist. My children adore Sarah!

My 8 year old daughter studies the cello with Dr. Gasse. She began her studies when she was 4. I have sat in on all her private lessons and cello group lessons and am amazed by Dr. Gasse’s patience!
He uses humor and fun games to encourage learning, but, also expects the children to focus and not become distracted. It is a great mix and the children have a lot of fun while he has earned their respect.
My daughter has even sent Dr. Gasse a video of her playing her cello and at the end, she says..”I love you, Dr. Gasse.” HA..adorable!

I have known the Gasse’s for almost 8 years, and not only are they amazing teachers and mentors for my children, but, wonderful, generous people. A few years back, my husband had a serious injury and for financial issues I wanted to stop lessons. Dr. Gasse told me
“don’t worry about it..come in for lessons..don’t pay me”. I couldn’t believe such kindness. The absolute best teachers you will find!

-Debbie Kriho (parent)

“My daughter has been taking violin lessons with Mrs. Sarah Gasse for about 4 years, since my daughter was about 4 yrs old. Sarah is very good with kids, very patient, encouraging. My daughter adores her. This year, my daughter has the opportunity to take part in a trio / kids chamber music project, as part of a series of presentations given by Sarah Gasse, Dr. Daniel Gasse and Ms Emi Murata. This is a wonderful project where my daughter learns to play music in a group with other kids around her age. Playing solo / practicing solo at home can sometimes make a student feels isolated. By playing in a group, she gets to see that there are other kids her age playing music, practicing, having fun at the same time and that she is not alone. Thank you for giving us the opportunity, and most of all, thank you for showing the children that music is fun.”

—Rina Petersen (parent)

“I have had Sarah as a violin teacher for 8 years and she is the best teacher in the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so encouraging, patient, has a really good teaching method, and is one of the nicest people that I know. Dr. Gasse is a very good teacher as well and I have learned a lot from his coaching in my string quartet which is a great way to learn to play with others instead of solo. The recitals are so much fun, too. Highly recommend! Taking lessons here has really improved my playing and I would probably not be playing anymore if I had not began taking lessons at GSM. They are the best and I have NO regrets! “

—Hana Victoria (student)

No literary contrivance is needed to express how much you’ve helped my musicianship. In fact I think it’s fitting that we’re playing in an orchestra together–when we set out together, I said that my foremost goal was to play orchestral repertoire at a high level, and that’s just what we’re now doing in the Symphony of Oak Park. I think that’s a testament to how you teach with the individual and his goals in mind, as well as having a staunch belief in teaching the fundamentals of cello playing and musicianship.

Evan White (student)

In the two and a half years since I began studying cello at Gasse School of music, I have come to appreciate Dr. Gasse’s patience. If I fail to grasp a new technique when it’s first explained, Dr. Gasse will try to find another way to demonstrate or explain it to me. If I continue to miss it he will suggest another approach until he is sure that I do understand or until another instance arises that will allow us to revisit the subject in a new context. He is very deliberate in his teaching, is well prepared for my lessons, and is always encouraging and supportive of my efforts. I began studying cello at age 45. I know that as an adult I bring a different set of challenges to my lessons; unlike my younger counterparts, I have a well-established aural memory of the pieces that I’m learning and get easily frustrated when I fail to sound like Yo-Yo Ma. Dr. Gasse’s ability to modify his teaching style to meet my particular set of needs is not unique to me. I see him do it with all his students regardless of age or ability. It is this willingness to help his students enjoy playing music at whatever level they are capable of that makes him a master teacher.

Kevin Crowell (Student)

Watching and hearing other students play those pieces over the years, and then hearing Maddy play them, was a moment that brought her dad and I great joy. As you know, the years of raising kids are sometimes filled with chaos and at times the tasks that fill the hours are unremarkable. Then there are moments, like Saturday, that are eternal and unforgettable.
We thank you for all of your efforts with Maddy in shaping and guiding her musical abilities.
Kind regards,
Mary Hoepf (mother)

Daniel Gasse taught both cello and chamber music at the Suzuki-Orff School for Young Musicians. He brought to our program a wonderful balance of fine musicianship and instrumental technique with understanding and compassion for his students. Daniel always had a smile and his enthusiasm and energy created an atmosphere of joyful learning. Daniel is both a talented musician and dedicated teacher

Peggy Wise, Former Employer. The Suzuki Orff School for Young Musicians.

Daniel Gasse: “Very fine cellist and teacher, warm-hearted and kind, a wonderful musical resource in your backyard. Parents should be sure to take advantage of this opportunity for their children.”
Laurien Laufman
Professor of Cello Emeritus
University of Illinois School of Music

“It was a joy to watch our exuberant instrumentalists perform on Sunday.  Thank you, Daniel, for leading their rapid progress.  They are wonderful and I look forward to hearing much more this year.”

Susa Mlot, parent


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