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The Suzuki Method

The Suzuki method is based on “the mother tongue system of learning”, or the way children learn to speak their native language. We learn to speak through observation, listening, imitation, and repetition, and the Suzuki system teaches students to play an instrument using these same principles.

A student of any age may learn to play stromg instruments through the Suzuki method, but this system works especially well with children. In fact, we believe it is the best system that exists to teach students to play an instrument in early childhood. At the Gasse School of Music, we have been very successful in teaching children as young as four years old. The teacher custom designs the classes of each child, focusing on each student’s ability, attention span, and motor coordination.

Through the Suzuki method, the student acquires excellent posture, beautiful sound quality, accurate intonation, and learns all of the basic techniques of playing the instrument as well as developing a musical approach to the music played.

Suzuki group classes support the learning that takes place during private instruction. These classes complement private lessons rather than replace them. Students in the group classes experience tremendous peer support and positive peer pressure. They enjoy the interaction with other students, and also are inspired to work hard to keep up with their peers. Due to the benefits of the group setting, some elements of musical training are more easily taught or reinforced there. In our experience, students who take a combination of private and group lessons have greater success on their instruments than those who take two private lessons a week.