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Meet our Student: Ella Petersen

Ella Petersen has studied with Mrs. Gasse since she was 3 years old. She is a Forest Parker and now that she is 8, she attends Betsy Ross School and will start next academic year at Field Stevenson. Born in a bi-cultural and bi-racial family, (Indonesian and American parents) she is a perfect example of the melting pot that GSM is.… Continue Reading

The Unnamed String Quartet


A GSM students string quartet constituted by Sharadram Sundaresan, 1st Violin, Hana Russell, 2nd Violin, Robin Wang, Viola and Janek Schaller, Cello, performed a full string quartet recital on Dec. 7th in Scoville Square, Oak Park. They played 60 minutes of uninterrupted beautiful music including baroque, classical and holiday music.Continue Reading

The Vietti Family

Says the childrens' father: "We have never, okay, almost never. had one of our children say they want to quit playing. We credit the teaching style of the Gasses for keeping the children learning and motivated."

Learning Music is a Lifetime Gift


By John Rice
Columnist / Staff reporter

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 – 10:00 PM

Lest you think all music schools are the same, the Gasse School of Music has a unique approach to getting students hooked on music.… Continue Reading