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AEE Piano Trio

AEE Piano TrioThe AEE Piano Trio (unfortunately we didn’t get a better, more official name for them yet) is GSM’s oldest early childhood Chamber Music group.  Ernesto and Alexander started playing cello and piano duets when they were 6 and were neighbors (Alex used to live half a block from GSM), were classmates in first grade and both studied music at GSM.  They are now 9 years old. Alex moved and is no longer a piano student at GSM, but they are still friends and play chamber music together.  Ella (8) joined the group last year and together they have performed numerous recitals, community events, and conventions.  The seriousness and artistry with which they approach performing is remarkable. Their growth in musicianship and leadership is evident at every step.  Nevertheless the friendship and the joy of playing together is always present.  It is the perfect combination of training and joy.